English speaking plumber service Brussels

My Plumber with more than 20 years of experience at YOUR service! Looking for a quality English Speaking Plumber and Heating Engineer?
British Origin, MyPlumber has specialised in English speaking customers located in Belgium, from the European Commissions, Nato, Shape, local and Multi National Companies and your regular english speaking Belgian resident.

Qualifications/Belgian Agréés :

  • ARGB/CERGA : Association Royale des Gaziers Belges
  • CORGI : Professional Gas Installer - Commercial & Domestic -UK
  • HVAC : ex-Dalkia Professional Facilities Managment Engineer - UK
  • LNE : Departement Leefmilieu, natuur & energie

The list goes on...

Ours English plumbing and heating City and Guilds Qualifications are not accepted here in Belgium, which is why we have completed the Belgian equivalence.

Our pursuit for quality and excellence continues just for you……

Ask yourself ‘Is my existing plumber really qualified or is he/she invalidating my property insurance policy and putting me at risk?’

Located in the heart of the capital of Europe, our company offers its quality assured services from Brussels to Mons and surrounding areas. We respect our clients needs as if their plumbing or heating system was our own, aiming for quality and long-term sustainability.

Our assets:

  • Rapid Response with 24hrs a day and 7days a week.
  • Flexible, Dynamic and Experienced.
  • Installation, Repairs, Maintenance and Consultancy.
  • Qualified, Registered and Quality Assured.
  • Domestic and Commercial properties.
  • ...

True to our values, we make customer satisfaction a priority and we ensure that it remains our #1 objective. Close to you, MyPlumber offers superior reactive and attractive service.

It’s easy just call MyPlumber!

No Job too small!
No Job too big!

Contact us !
Avenue Gaucheret, 196
1030 Brussels
Flexible, Dynamic
and Experienced
Qualified, Registered
and Quality Assured
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