Plumber Brussels

Are you looking for an English speaking plumber in Brussels? Gary Kavanagh is at your call!

Gary Kavanagh, a plumber working in Brussels, has more than 20 years experience in repairs, maintenance, problem solving and installation of plumbing systems. He is the plumber you need!

Plumber Brussels

This English born English plumber is specialised in plumbing services for English speaking clients in Belgium: Shape in Mons, NATO, the European Union in Brussels…

Striving for quality and long term durability, he offers customised work answering to your most specific requirements.

Gary Kavanagh also offers heating and solar energy services.

Wherever you are living in Brussels, this plumber will rapidly intervene, always committed to perfection.

Please contact us with all your queries for quotes or additional information.

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Avenue Gaucheret, 196
1030 Brussels
Flexible, Dynamic
and Experienced
Qualified, Registered
and Quality Assured
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